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Audio Guestbook

Indiana's First
Audio Guestbook Experience!

Introducing Indiana’s first and most innovative, exciting way to capture memories from your special events! Whether it is your wedding, a milestone birthday, or any occasion worth celebrating, our Audio Guestbook creates the perfect keepsake that will last a lifetime! 


Not all that glitters is gold and not all Audio Guestbooks are built the same. Our Audio Guestbook is unlike any other in the market, built in collaboration with the best names in the business, we provide a guaranteed experience that is bound to impress your guests! The retro phone design is bound to make your once-in-a-lifetime event special.


Whether you're getting married, celebrating a birthday, or hosting a corporate event, Audio Guestbook is the perfect way to capture and preserve the memories that matter most. So why wait? Book Today!

Step 1:

Select your event date and the phone. 

Step 2:
Personalized greeting

Record a welcome message that will be played for your guests.

Tip: You can use your phone's recorder.

Step 3:

We setup the phone and a sign with directions for your guests to easily leave a message for you. 

Step 4:

We send you all the recorded messages within 48 hours of your event.


Also, check out our premium options of receiving the messages on a on a Cassette Tape (cassette player included)

Starting at $350!


Our Audio Guestbook is priced to be affordable. Every single message is recorded as its own individual audio file for sharing.


You will receive a gallery of everything within 48 hours of your event. Perfect for honeymoon listening!   

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