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Audio Guestbook rental Indianapolis

watch the Audio GuestBook Experience!

Introducing Indiana’s first and most exciting and innovative way to capture memories from your special events! Whether it’s your wedding, a milestone birthday, or any occasion worth celebrating, our Audio Guestbook creates the perfect keepsake that will last a lifetime!



Our Audio Guestbook is unlike any other in the market, we boast built-in collaborations with the best names in the business to make sure we provide an experience that is guaranteed to impress your guests! The retro phone design is bound to make your once-in-a-lifetime event special.



Whether you're getting married, celebrating a birthday, or hosting a corporate event, Bhatta Boom’s Audio Guestbook is the perfect way to capture and preserve the memories that matter most. So why wait? Book Now!

How Does the Open Air Booth Work?

Step 1:
Click the Screen

Interact with the interface to get started with your experience.

Step 2:
Snap, Pose, and Capture

Pose for the camera with your friends and take your picture!

Step 3:
Print Photo

After you’ve taken your photo, you can print it out and treasure it as a souvenir!

Step 4:
Download Gallery

After your event you’ll gain access to your own gallery filled with pictures from your event!

Audio Guestbook Features

Personalized Greetings

Personalize the greeting message your guest will hear when they pick up the phone. Your message in your voice!

Instructions Included

We provide signage with clear instructions on how to use the audio guestbook, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to take part!

Unlimited Recorded Messages

There’s no limit to the number of messages you and your guests can leave on the guestbook, so speak to your heart’s content!

Quality Audio

We use the most top-of-the-line technology to make sure that the audio is crisp, clear, and high-quality to ensure the best experience possible.

Variety of Colors

Personalize your audio guestbook experience with the option to have your guestbook in a colour of your own preference. Scroll down for examples!


There’s no limit to the number of messages you and your guests can leave on the guestbook, so speak to your heart’s content!

How Does the Audio Guestbook Work?

Step 1:

Select your event date and the phone.

Step 2:
Personalized greeting

Record a welcome message that will be played for your guests.

Tip: You can use your phone's recorder.

Step 3:

We setup the phone and a sign with directions for your guests to easily leave a message for you.

Step 4:

We send you all the recorded messages within 48 hours of your event.

Also, check out our premium options of receiving the messages on a on a Cassette Tape (cassette player included)

The Audio Guestbook is Perfect for…

Weddings and Parties

Give your guests the opportunity to say what they want to say and leave you with their own personal messages to you at your big event. There’s no feeling like hearing your memories come alive for years to come.

Brand Activations & Corporate Events

Take advantage of the audio guestbook and encourage guests to leave testimonials for your brand. Make use of these messages as part of your next advertising campaign or marketing event - the sky’s the limit!

The Audio Guestbook is Perfect for…

Frequently Asked Questions

Audio guestbook Rental Cost Starting $350

Our Audio Guestbook is priced to be affordable. Every single message is recorded as its own individual audio file for sharing.

You will receive a gallery of everything within 48 hours of your event. Perfect for honeymoon listening!

what our clients say


"I first experienced Bhatta Boom Photo Booth services in one of my friend’s wedding and immediately decided to include it for my own. The owners , Kanish and Sam took great care to make the memories of my wedding day truly special. From their initial easy communication on the various backgrounds and props on offer to their professional usage of the booth to the complete satisfaction of our guests are worth mentioning. All the photos were a treat to watch and reflects the fun everyone had. Definitely recommend Bhatta Boom to anyone who want to add some memorable experience to their special day and beyond."

Advaita C

The Knot


"Bhatta Boom has it all! Their employees are helpful, fun, and knowledgeable. Their equipment is state-of-the art. Their prices are all inclusive; no surprises or add-ons. We had a great experience and would highly recommend Bhatta Boom" Carol."


The Knot

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