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Timeless Capture Booth Rental Indianapolis

Welcome to the latest addition to our photo booth rental family - the Timeless Capture Booth. Merging state-of-the-art technology with a sleek design, this booth is not just a photo-taking station; it's an experience. 


Timeless Capture Booth sets the benchmark for elegance and statement-making at any event. With its sleek, refined design, it's not just a photo booth—it's an integral piece of event decor that complements any setting or theme. This booth is designed to not only capture memories but also to enhance the ambiance, ensuring your event remains unforgettable and sophisticated.

The Pinnacle of Photo Booth Rental Excellence

Timeless Capture Booth Features

Timeless Photo Booth

Elegant Design Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

Timeless Photo Booth

Instant, High-Quality Prints and Digital Sharing

prints  Bhatta Boom Photo Booth

Customizable to Your Event's Theme

Timeless Photo Booth

A Signature piece

wedding group Bhatta Boom Photo Booth

Capture 10-15 people per experience

online gallery Bhatta Boom Photo Booth

Online Gallery

How Does the Timeless Capture Booth Work?

Step 1:
Click the Screen

Interact with the interface to get started with your experience.

Step 2:
Snap, Pose, and Capture

Pose for the camera with your friends and take your picture!

Step 3:
Print Photo

After you’ve taken your photo, you can print it out and treasure it as a souvenir!

Step 4:
Download Gallery

After your event you’ll gain access to your own gallery filled with pictures from your event!

check pricing & packages!

Follow the link here or call us today at (317) 318-0066 to check availability and book quickly to avoid disappointment!

What do clients say about us


"Fantastic company! They are incredibly inclusive and we’re so great to work with. The photo booth was absolutely amazing and I loved all the props that they brought. If you are looking for a photo booth for your wedding stop looking and book here. I promise you will not be disappointed!"

Sarah J



Can be added to any of the above packages. Click the image for description.


Idle Hour(s) - $100

guesbook Package Bhatta Boom Photo Booth

Premium Guestbook Station- $200


Coffee Table Photo Album- $200

audio guestbook Bhatta Boom Photo Booth

Audio Guest Book - $350

glam Bhatta Boom Photo Booth

Filters - $200

video  Bhatta Boom Photo Booth

Video Testimonial Booth- $400

roamer Bhatta Boom Photo Booth

Selfie Roaming Booth- $200/hr

custom screen Bhatta Boom Photo Booth

Custom Start Screen- $100


Custom Template- $100

What to Expect From Us

Ahead of the event, we’ll take care of the specifics: time, place, and any other specifications you may have! We’ll get everything ready for the big day so you don't have to worry about anything but enjoying yourself at your event.


On the big day, we’ll handle everything - setup, takedown, the backdrop, props table, etc. - so you won’t have to lift a finger! Photo strips or cards will be printed, texted or emailed to your guests in seconds! We will stay at the event to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch!

Afterwards, we will send you ALL of the photos taken at your event within 48 hours! After that just enjoy the smiling faces and great memories of your incredible event!

Every Event is Unique

prints  Bhatta Boom Photo Booth
  • Photo strips or cards with HUNDREDS of template options

  • Delivery of photos through prints, texts and/or emails

  • An adjustable frame so that the smallest kiddos to the tallest giants can fit in the frame

  • A modern design to compliment any theme

  • A screen on the front of the booth so you can see your photo before it's taken

  • Top of the line photography equipment to make you look like the star you are

  • Fun, experienced, and professional staff dedicated to making your event perfect!

wood backdrop  Bhatta Boom Photo Booth

Luxury Backdrops For You to Choose From

The perfect backdrop choice can take regular photos and make them truly stunning. This is why Bhatta Boom has over 20 luxury and premium backdrops for you to choose from - from sequin walls to solid white, to green screen and so much more.

Looking for a Custom Experience? Contact Us for a Quote

If you’re in the market for a totally bespoke event experience


Fill out the form below, or call us today at...

Packages Starting From $400!

wedding-photo-booth Bhatta Boom Photo Booth

Customer Feedback


What our clients say about us!

"Bhatta Boom Photo Booth was amazing to work with and our students enjoyed having them at Post Prom. We will definitely be using them again next year to capture those fun high school memories. We highly recommend!!!"



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